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Malcontent Games is sponsoring a one-page Rêve: the Dream Ouroboros dungeon competition, in the spirit of the current retro-clone craze. Here are the competition rules:

—It doesn’t have to be a “dungeon” per se—any one-page scenario will do (overland, urban, etc.).
—Do not include any creature stats, but listing proprietary Rêve creatures (e.g., Turntooth) by name is encouraged. Use the correct English translation name, please. Entries must be in English.
—Each entry must include at least one map or geographical illustration, in any style, which must be at least 1/4th the page size.
—Page size is limited to A4 or US letter, portrait or landscape orientation.
—Submit a 1-page PDF, RTF, Pages, or Word document by April 15 to Keep file sizes under 5 MB.
—Enter with as many different one-page dungeons as desired, but each is considered a separate entry.
—Submissions become property of Malcontent Games, although the author will ALWAYS be credited.
—Winner will be announced on or before May 1, 2011.
—Winning entry gets a print copy of Rêve: the Dream Ouroboros or Seven Leagues (winner’s choice).

Dreamers, start your dungeons!

Newly translated into English with updated stats for the current edition by Stephane Marsaudon and with updated maps and a new alchemical formula, For Want of a Snail is a classic Rêve: the Dream Ouroboros scenario with a prescient dream, a scheming alchemist, a series of grisly murders, and a city with bizarre customs. As always with Rêve, the absurdist humor can turn quite deadly. This scenario by the game’s author, Denis Gerfaud, first appeared as Rêve d’Escargot in Casus Belli nº 43 for Rêve de Dragon.

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Rêve dreamland encounters occur 1 in 7; why spend 13% of your time rerolling 8s on 1d8 when you could snag the awesomeness of GameScience’s d7?

We’ve listed some here:

Seen others we should include? Sound off!


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